10 Best Printers for Art Prints and Artists in 2023

Are you looking for the best Printers for Art Prints and Artists?

If yes then you have landed at the right place. The printer is the main component of a computer system. As computer technologies become enhanced, variations occur in every part of this system. The same is the case with printers. Many different technologies are used nowadays in these printers which are used for digital printing.

Printers are not only specific for used technologies but also their use. Art printing is one of these uses and printers are also specific for high-class art printing. Following is the introduction of these printers which you can choose for art printing. In this post, I have listed the Best Printers for Artists and Art Prints which is reasonable.

Top 10 Best Printers for Art Prints and Artists 

1. Canon Pixma MG3620

Canon Pixma MG3620 review

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If you are looking for a printer that is very economical for the printing of your creative art then there is no second choice than the Pixma MG3620 printer from Canon. The design of this monitor is very compact for saving available space on the desk. One of its important features is all-in-one which means this printer can print the images and can also scan and copy the images and other documents also which can also print with equal ease.

This print can also use for internet and wireless printing because I can easily connect with any WiFi network. Mobile printing is also possible from the iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablet. Printing options of this printer also include AirPrint, Google Cloud printing, Mopria, and Canon printers.

Another important feature of this printer is NFC (Near Field Communication) which can be used for printing images and document directly from your cell phone. Place your cell phone on the tag of NFC given on this printer and print your desired image directly. With an auto 2-sided print option, both sides of a page can print with a single print command. The printing performance of this printer is moderate and it can print 9 PPM (Pages Per Minute) of black text document while 3 PPM of a color document. The photo printing quality of this printer is good and it also supports borderless printing.

To connect this printer directly to a computer, a USB port is provided by Canon on this printer. Paper sizes supported by this printer for printing include letter, legal, A5, and A4 while for photo printing 4×6 and 5×7 inch size is supported.

  • A high-quality printer at a very low price

  • Beautiful, attractive, and compact design

  • Printer with Auto 2-sided printing option

  • All-in-one printer for print, copy and scan

  • Wi-Fi technology for devices connectivity

  • Bluetooth or WiFi Direct is not supported

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2. EPSON ET-4760

EPSON ET-4760 review

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ET-4760 is a high-quality printer designed and manufactured by EPSON for a unique cartridge-less printing experience. EcoTank is the latest technology that is used by EPSON for the replacement of ink cartridges which are very expensive and also produce a greater quality of waste. This EcoTank is easily re-fillable when required and in which quantity is required. Bottles of EPSON ink are easily available and can use for the refilling of EcoTank by just replacing a protective cap present on this tank.

For the refilling of these EcoTanks, EcoFit ink bottles are also designed by EPSON. The form factor of this printer is color and it is also an all-in-one printer which means it can be used for printing, scanning, faxing, and copying images and documents for printing. For the automatic scanning of documents, ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is also given on this printer which has the capacity of 30 sheets.

The print quality of this printer is also astonishing while this printer is also powered by PrecisionCore heat-free technology. A high-density print chip is installed in this printer which generates 40 million precise dots per second which makes the printing of this printer high-level. This printer also works with the Alexa app due to which you can enjoy voice-activated printing by using voice-command supported devices. For the navigation of different printing settings for configuration, a 2.4-inch color touch screen is also available on this printer.

By using WiFi-direct, you can print your images and other documents directly from smartphones and tablets. Auto 2-sided printing is also enabled on this printer while its adjustable paper sheet capacity is 250 sheets. An Ethernet port is also present on this printer to enhance its connectivity options.

  • Comes with easily refillable EcoTank

  • Voice-activated printing with Alexa app

  • 2.4-inch touch screen for navigation of

  • A printer with a high-density print chip

  • Easy scanning with ADF of 30 sheets

  • Memory card printing is not possible

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3. Canon MF743CDW

Canon MF743CDW review

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Canon MF743CDW is a high-performance printer that is sufficient to fulfill your printing needs at a commercial level. The printer technology of this printer is Laser printing which is many times faster than inkjet printers. The output type of this laser printer is color. Moreover, this is also an all-in-one printer and can be used for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

For making the configuration of this printer easy, a 5-inch color screen is available on this printer’s body which is also a touchscreen.  You can easily navigate in different options of this printer by using this screen. The scanner of this multi-function machine is also very higher in performance with a scanning speed of 27 IMP (Images Per Minute) black/white, 14 IPM color, and also supports a single-pass duplex scan by which can scan both sides of the paper. The scanning and printing speed of this printer is also equal.

The scanner of this printer not only scans and prints the images but also converts them into documents that are searchable also. With the help of its WiFi direct feature, a hotspot can be created by this printer and mobile devices can connect directly with this printer without using any external router. Another important feature for mobile printing is NFC (Near Field Communication)by using which is compatible with a mobile phone and can print images and documents directly. Both iOS and Android devices can use this printer directly for the printing of images and documents. Cloud-based printing is also supported by this printer. For the protection of data, security features are also given in this printer one of these is storing documents in short-term memory. Other security features can also configure by using its menu.

Alexa app is also supported by this printer for voice command printing from compatible devices. Ethernet port is also available for the connectivity of this device with local area network or WiFi router while WiFi via router and WiFi direct both are supported. At the same time, a USB port is also available for a direct connection with the computer. AirPrint and Mopria Print Service are also supported by this printer for the printing of images and documents.

  • The best laser printer with workflow efficiency

  • 5-inch, color, touch screen for navigation

  • Multiple pages printed on one sheet facility

  • WiFi Connectivity without an external router

  • Document security with short-term memory

  • Bluetooth is not supported for printing

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4. Brother HL-L3290CDW

Brother HL-L3290CDW review

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HL-L3290CDW is a laser-class color printer that is multifunction also and is most suitable to fulfill home-based small office or workgroup printing needs. The speed and output quality of this printer is good. Nowadays, instead of a laser, LED-based printers are getting great importance because these printers have many advantages over traditional laser printers.

This printer of Brother is also an LED printer that uses an array of LED which is smaller in size and are less costly than laser components. Due to this reason, this printer occupies less space on a table or in an office. This printer provides laser printer quality printouts. The Control panel of this printer is user-friendly and consists of many buttons that are used to scroll down and other related functions. Two lines of the monochrome screen are also available on the body of this printer.

The printing speed of this color printer is also fast and it can print 25 pages in a minute. Per print cost of this printer is very economical and can provide laser print quality printout. Paper handling of this printer is also greater because it has a main drawer of 250-sheet capacity and along with this main paper drawer, a multipurpose tray is also given which has the capacity of 30-sheets and can be used for printing envelopes and other documents.

For the connectivity of devices, this printer has wireless connectivity using WiFi while WiFi direct is also available for the connectivity of mobile phones and tablets. For the functionality of touch-to-print, Near Field Communication (NFC) is also available. Along with this wireless connectivity, a USB port is also available on this printer.

  • A business-class printer for art prints

  • Paper tray capacity is up to 250-sheets

  • Automatic duplex printing of two-sides

  • Easy printing from all mobile devices

  • Wireless and USB printing options

  • Ethernet connectivity is not available

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5. Lexmark C3426DW

Lexmark C3426DW review

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C3426DW is a printer from Lexmark Company and this printer can easily accommodate all spaces due to its very compact body dimensions. The print layout type of this printer is color while its form factor is print only and it is not a multi-function machine. This printer is suitable for a small-level business organization to fulfill its printing needs. The printing speed of this printer is 26 PPM for color as well as monochrome printing.

Duplex printing is also integrated into this printer which means it can print on both sides of a page. Paper handling is also great for this printer because its lower tray is main for placing 250-sheets of paper which is not lesser. On the other hand, a multi-purpose tray is also provided in this printer. The capacity of its output bin is 100-sheets.

Lexmark simplifies the configuration of this printer and makes it user-friendly by providing a color screen of a 2.8-inch size which is also a touch screen. As far as the performance of this printer is concerned, it is also very higher with the presence of a 1-GHz Dual-core processor. This processor is accompanied by 512MB of RAM.

The connectivity option of this printer is also greater and consists of dual-band WiFi and Gigabit Ethernet connection to make this printer useable in a wired and wireless network environment. USB port is available for the direct connectivity of the printer with the computer. Google Cloud Print and Mopria printing services are also supported by this printer. Similarly, AirPrint technologies are also part of this printer to facilitate iOS-based devices.

  • Beautiful and compact design body

  • High performance with dual-core CPU

  • Steel frame with long-lasting components

  • 2.8-inch touch screen for system navigation

  • Mobile and cloud-based printing features

  • Without WiFi-direct and NFC wireless connectivity

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6. Canon T6320

Canon T6320 review Best Printers for Art Prints

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If you are looking for such a printer which prints your art creations and other images at a very high-quality thanT6320 printer Canon is best suited for you according to your requirement. This printer is for quality printing but not for quantity.  The form factor of this printer is all-in-one which means it can be used for printing images, scanning images and documents, and copying these images which are then ultimately get printed.

For the configuration of this printer along with viewing of printer status and information, a 1.44-inch OLED screen is available on the front of the printer’s body. Along with this screen, an LED status bar is also present. The printing technology of this printer is inkjet and there are 5 individual ink cartridges due to which print quality is getting more enhanced due to vivid colors. Five ink cartridges play a vital role in the increase of print quality.

At a very small font size, the sharpness of text is also much extended. The output tray of this printer is auto-expandable and also can detect the width of paper automatically. The duplex printing option is also auto in this printer which makes this printer able to print both sides of the paper. This printer can accommodate dual-paper feeding by which it can hold two different papers simultaneously which eliminates the swapping of trays or removing of papers.

Multiple connectivity options of this printer make it versatile and these options include WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 (LE), Ethernet, and a USB port for direct connectivity with the computer. WiFi connectivity of this printer also has support for printing from AirPrint and Google Cloud.

  • The all-in-One device in the affordable price

  • Alexa App compatible with voice controls

  • Five individual print systems for printing

  • A printer with Auto expandable output tray

  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE for mobile device connection

  • Memory card is not supported

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HP ENVY PHOTO 7855 review Best Printers for Art Prints

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HP Envy 7855 is a photo printer that can easily print on all types of photo papers including glossy.  This printer is used for the real implementation of photo printing. The form factor of this printer is all-in-one and can be used for printing, scanning, copying, and fax operations.

The scanner of this all-in-one machine is a flat-bed glass screen that can scan documents up to A4 paper size and legal size paper cannot scan. Duplex scan is also not supported by this machine while scan quality is higher by having 1200DPI and 24-bit color depth. The printing speed of this printer is 13 PPM for black text documents and it is up to 7 ppm for color pages.

To print on both sides of the paper, duplex printing is also supported and it is also automatic which is called auto duplex printing. The input tray capacity of this printer is 125 sheets of paper. The photo printing quality of this printer is excellent with vivid red and rich grayscale palette along with higher contrast. Borderless printing is also supported by this printer. All major and famous paper sizes have supported this printer including letter, legal, and A4.

For the connectivity of this printer with different and multiple devices, all possible connectivity options are provided for this printer which includes an Ethernet port, WiFi connection via a router, WiFi direct, and Bluetooth. The standard USB port is also given on this printer for direct connectivity with the computer. For voice commands, the Alexa app is also supported by this printer.

  • Stunning photos with vibrant colors

  • High-quality printing at a very low cost

  • More attractive borderless printing

  • Direct printing from SD card or USB

  • Auto adjustable and dedicated trays

  • Paper capacity is limited

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8. Canon PIXMA PRO-200

Canon PIXMA PRO-200 review Best Printers for Art Prints

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Canon PIXMA PRO-200 is a professional printer that is used for high-class and high-resolution color pictures on glossy photo paper. This printer is an ideal choice for making your photos and designs vibrant colors of real life. The ink system of this printer consists of an 8-color dye-based ink for professional printing all the time which is also faster than pigment-based ink.

The design of this printer is compact for saving space on a table or in a room.  Printing of this printer is panoramic which can be up to 13×39 inch customized size. Professional Print and Layout 2 software of canon is a great choice for making high-quality prints with ease and comfort. The interface of PPL is very native to finding out the correct printing options without any problem.

To check the ink levels and perform printer maintenance and other required configurations, a 3-inch LCD screen is provided on the body of this printer. For the navigation through the given screen, the panel of control buttons is also provided. This printer is fully compatible with a wide range of media and paper sizes up to a custom size of 13×19 inches. The printing speed of this printer is very fast that it can print A3+ size print in just 90 seconds.

This printer is capable of borderless printing on glossy and art media having a thickness of 0.6mm and its size can be up to A3+. The ink which is used by Canon in this printer is ChromaLife 100+ CLI-65 which is specially formulated to enhance the color gamut and bring the colors to real life. With the help of built-in sensors, this printer automatically corrects the paper skewing for a great printout every time. Output options of this printer are also flexible with three layouts including a single image, multiple images on a page, and gallery wrap. WiFi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity options are part of this printer.

  • Printer for fast and efficient printing

  • Dye-based ink for professional prints

  • Wider and borderless prints up to 13×19

  • Panoramic printing rich and vibrant colors

  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity

  • LCD screen without touch

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9. EPSON Stylus R2000

EPSON Stylus R2000 review Best Printers for Art Prints

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Epson Stylus R2000 is a high-performance and high-quality printer having printing technology of inkjet. This printer can print on a variety of plain and glossy paper. The best feature of this printer is its pigment ink technology which is also industry-leading ink technology for inkjet printers. EPSON used UltraChrome hi-gloss2 pigment ink to make the printed images stunning and colorful with vibrant colors.  This printer is a wide-format printer that can handle 13-inch wide media and is also capable of printing on roll paper for which a paper roll holder is required to attach with this printer.

AS far as the design of this printer is concerned, there are two paper input trays available on the top of this printer. One of these trays has the capacity of 120-sheets while the other can be used to hold photo paper with a capacity of 30 sheets.  On the backside of this printer, there is an additional slot which is for paper rolls. Due to the absence of LCD, several buttons are given on the body of this printer each of which is used for some function control or configuration.

For the connectivity of this printer with other devices for direct printing, WiFi connectivity is provided which is 802.11n standard while Ethernet connectivity is also available on this printer with 100Mbps speed and a Hi-speed USB 2.0 is also part of this printer.

  • UltraChrome Hi-Gloss 2 pigmented ink

  • Large-sized and individual ink cartridges

  • Accommodation for cut-sheet and roll paper

  • Canvas, photograph, and fine art paper can use

  • Red and orange inks for vibrant skin tones

  • Screen is not present for system navigation

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10. HP OfficeJet PRO 6978

HP OfficeJet PRO 6978 review Best Printers for Art Prints

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HP OfficeJet Pro is a series of professional-level printers that are used for the printing of high-quality images. Many professionals which are involved in art or related creative work most like this model of H{ printer. The printing technology of this printer is inkjet which is the best-suited printing technology for high-quality images with true-life colors.  This machine is not only a printing device but is an all-in-one type machine that is capable of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. The scanner of this multifunction machine is also equipped with an ADF (Auto Document Feeder) which has the capacity of 35 pages.

Duplexing is fully supported by this printer for printing as well as for scanning. It can print both sides of the paper and also can scan two sides of the paper with one command of print and scan. The input tray of this printer can hold 225 sheets of paper which are not less but is acceptable even in the case of large file printing. The printing speed of this printer is 20 pages per minute for monochrome and 6.4 PPM for complex coloring pages.

A touchscreen of 2.7-inch size is given on the body of this printer which is used for necessary printer configurations and also for routine working like cancel print job etc. Security options are also available in this printer for the printing of sensitive data including the PIN option. USB thumb drives are also supported by this printer for printing the data and also storing scanned data.

If you want to print your images or documents directly from your mobile devices including smartphones and tablets in the absence of any WiFi router, it is also possible in the case of the OfficeJet Pro 6978 printer of HP because it has WiFi direct technology which creates its hotspot and these mobile devices can easily connect with that and can send their data for printing. Standard WiFi connectivity is also provided to connect with any WiFi network. An Ethernet card is also built-in for the connectivity of the printer with a wired network. If you want to connect this printer directly with a computer tan you can use its given USB port also.

  • Inkjet printer with copy, scan and fax

  • Easy printing from all wireless devices

  • Multifunction business printer with ADF

  • Convenient resizing with automatic feeder

  • Two-sided Duplex printing and scanning

  • Small size touch screen, difficult to navigate

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Which digital printing technology is best for art printers?

Different digital printing technologies are being used in different printers because the usage of printers is also different. These technologies include Thermal, Laser, Inkjet, and some others also. For the printing of art-related data, inkjet printers are preferred because the color accuracy and depth of certain colors is remains at the level best in the printout of these printers. The second strong argument for their usage is the use of photo paper which is glossy but it can easily use with these printers and give a true sense to the art-related data. But the so-called drawback of these printers is their cost per print, speed, and maximum number of prints.  So where such requirements are at preference their color laser printers can also use which also gave good quality printouts of the art data.

Is a multifunction form factor necessary for art printers?

It is not necessary but is beneficial because if you have an old picture and you want to edit that picture by using the latest tools then definitely scanner is required. Similarly, if you need some enlargement of small pictures or some other work of such kind then you must require a printer which has scan and copy facility. Even if you want to duplicate any available picture then you need a printer that can scan that picture and can direct print it. Due to these reasons, the multifunction form factor of the printer is recommended for art-related printing.

What is the role of different ink technologies?

Ink is the main component of inkjet printers, which are considered favorite printers for the printing of art data. Two major ink technologies are being used in these printers which are dye-based and pigmented ink. Dye ink is more efficient for providing softer colors but gets damaged if comes in contact with water. But if it is used to print on specially coated label paper then its print has become water-resistant. The colors of pigmented ink are lighter than dye ink but its print is more water-resistant and gives long durable life to its prints with color consistency.

How can I use a printer for watercolor paper?

Printing on water-color paper by using a laser printer is very difficult and is almost near to refuse because toner is not very sticky on coated papers but the office paper. That’s why an inkjet printer can be used for the printing of data on water-color paper. Not all inkjet printers can be done this job for you but only these inkjet printers can be used for printing on water-color papers which comes with UltraChrome HD ink because this ink can exist on the surface of water-color. So if you want to print on water-color paper then you can go for EPSON-specific printers or those which have such type of ink.

What is the budget range for the best art printer?

If you want the best quality and high-performance printer which can print your artwork in high-density colors along with some other features then you must have a higher budget. A typical range of budget for purchasing of art printer must lie between $200 to $1000.


The artwork is magic of colors which is required to display on a paper with all the accuracy of used colors so that creative work can show in its real sense. A low-quality printer with substandard ink is not suitable for the printing of art-related photos or documents and is not acceptable by any artist at any cost because it is the waste of his or her creativity. All the above-discussed printers are perfect for the printing of artwork in their actual colors and quality. Stay connected and keeps commenting.

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