Top 10 Best Printers for Teachers and Classroom 2023

Are you looking for the Best Printers for Teachers and Classroom? Well, you’re at the very right place. Teaching is a very respectable profession and a variety of tools are required for the teachers for the efficient delivery of knowledge to the students so they can absorb and can easily understand the concept. For this purpose, the graphical representation is a way for which a printer is needed. So a quality printer is the requirement of a teacher so that he or she can print all that material that is required to develop a good understanding of students with the topic.

While in a classroom, the requirement of a specific printer is slightly different because of its usage. The class consists of many students and they all equally need printing resources for the printing of assignments and other related documents. The main use of a printer in the classroom is printing but sometimes scanning of some papers can also require due to this, instead of simple paper, a multifunction device can be most suitable.

Following buying guide will be very helpful for you in the selection of the best printer for the preparation of education-related material for use during your lecture in the classroom. Similarly for the selection of a good quality printer in the classroom to fulfill the needs of students, at the end of the article buying guide will result best.

Top 10 Best Printers for Teachers and Classroom

1. Brother HL-L2300D

Brother HL-L2300D review

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HL-L2300D is the best choice to fulfill your printing needs which are designed and manufactured by Brother Company. As far as working is concerned, this machine is very reliable. Not only reliability is the main feature of this device but its cost is also a big constraint that makes it most acceptable.

For your non-stop printing, the capacity of its paper tray is 250-sheets while the printing speed of this printer is 27 page-per-minute which is not less. A manual feed slot is also available on this printer which leads directly to a rear paper exit and makes a straight-through paper path.

HL-L2300D can print on both sides of a page with a single print command which is a feature that can save the usage of paper. In this way, paper handling is very convenient along with smooth working. Legal size paper can also use for printing in this printer.

The print quality of this printer is also higher and its resolution can be up to 2400×600 dpi. For making per print more economical, a toner save mode is given in this printer. With all these features and low prices, this printer stands at the top of this list.

  • High performance and cost-effective

  • Fast printing speed up to 27 PPM

  • Two-side printing with a single command

  • Large tray with 250 paper sheet capacity

  • Sharp print quality with 2400×600 DPI

  • WiFi connectivity is not available

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2. HP OfficeJet Pro 8028

HP OfficeJet Pro 8028 review

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HP OfficeJet Pro 2028 is a color printer having printing technology of inkjet. This printer can use for all types of document, image, and photograph printing. The form factor of this printer is All-in-one which means this single machine can be used for printing documents, scanning, and copying documents which can also direct fax on any number.

You can scan the documents and can store this directly on the cloud or can be sent directly to email without printing them. These print jobs can easily control with the tap-and-swipe feature of this printer. Duplex printing is also supported by this printer and this feature is also automatically enabled.

For the configuration of this printer, a 2.65-inch color screen is provided on the printer which is also a touchscreen panel. The print speed of this printer is 20ppm for black and white printouts while it is 10ppm for coloring pages.

For fast and automatic scanning, ADF is also available having a capacity of 35-sheets. You can enjoy voice command printing because this printer is compatible with the Alexa app. WiFi connectivity is also given in this printer for wireless printing from mobile phones and other devices.

  • Good quality multifunction printer

  • Direct scan option for cloud or email

  • Work with Alexa and Google assistant

  • 20PPM black and 10PPM color prints

  • ADF capacity of 35 sheets for scan

  • Scanner without duplex scanning

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3. Canon Pixma TR150

Canon Pixma TR150 review

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Pixma TR150 by Canon is an attractive printer that is designed in such a way that its body is very compact and is a space saver printer. It becomes a small box when all trays are get closed and it can easily carry anywhere because its portability is very higher. In very simple words, Pixma TR150 is a very compact and portable printer by Canon. If you are a business professional who mostly remains on the move then it is the ultimate choice for you.

Multiple Connectivity options are the art of this printer including WiFi and WiFi Direct and this printer can be used for printing from Android and iOS mobile devices because it supports AirPrint and Mopria print services.

This print can be used on the way without a direct power supply because a backup battery system is also part of this printer and a singly fully charged battery can be used for printing pages up to 330. A USB Type-C port is also available which can be used for charging the battery. Antitheft lock slot is also part of this portable printer.

  • Lightweight, sleek and compact body

  • Direct printing from Google-based platforms

  • A wider range of wireless printing options

  • Battery based printer for use on the way

  • USB Type-C is present for fast charging

  • USB port for flash drives is not present

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4. Epson ET-3710

Epson ET-3710 review

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ET-3710 printer is a very beautiful and stylish printer from Epson which is loaded with Eco-Tanks of ink instead of a traditional cartridge which is a better implementation of cartridge-less printing experience. These Eco Tanks of ink can easily re-fill with designed ink bottles whenever required and whichever is required.

The form factor of this printer is all-in-one and it has the capability of printing, copying, and scanning. The only missing thing is ADF which is not present for scanning. The design of this printer is advanced and space-saving due to which it can easily adjust in short spaces. Its ink tanks are also front-facing.

This print can also use for wireless printing from many devices including smartphones because the WiFi adapter is built-in and even if there is no WiFi router available in your environment, no problem you still can use this printer for wireless printing by using its WiFi Direct option. To use this printer on LAN, an Ethernet port is also provided by EPSON on this beautiful printer.

The paper capacity of its paper tray is 150 sheets which is also enough for non-stop printing. This printer is also able to print 2-sides of a page and it is also automatic. Full page borderless printing is also supported by this and page size can be 8.5×11 inches.

  • Attractive design multifunction printer

  • Less ink wastage with cartridge-free printing

  • 2.4-inch color screen for settings navigation

  • 2-sided printing automatically enabled

  • Voice-activated printing by using Alexa

  • ADF is missing for automatic scanning

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5. Pantum M15DW-W5N23A

Pantum M15DW-W5N23A review

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Here is another very affordable printer for teachers and classroom usage. M15DW is a low-cost printer designed and manufactured by Pantum. The printing technology of this cost-effective printer is a laser which is very fast in performance and also very cost-effective in terms of the per-page print.

The output type of this printer is monochrome and it cannot use for the printing of color pages or color photos. The body size of this printer is not so big and it can be placed in tight spaces also. Its metal frame structure is perfectly built to make this printer long-lasting.

You can print up to 1500 pages with its single starter toner cartridge. The drum of this printer is separate from toner and can use for 12000 pages of prints. The performance of this laser printer is 33 pages per minute. Two paper trays are part of this printer one is the paper input tray while the other is a multipurpose tray for manual feeding of different papers.

For the connectivity of this printer with different devices, WiFi and Ethernet adapters are given while the touch-and-print option by using NFC is also available along with a USB direct connection.

  • A powerful desktop printer in low price

  • Drum unit supported for 12000 pages

  • Starter cartridge can print 1500 pages

  • NFC supported for touch-to-print

  • Auto 2-sided printing is enabled

  • Sleep mode is very quick

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6. Brother HL-L6200DW

Brother HL-L6200DW review Best Printers for Teachers

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Here is another very useful printer from Brother Company. The model of this printer is HL-L6200DW and the output type of this printer is monochrome so this printer cannot use for color printing but only for black and grayscale.

As compared to the performance of this printer, the cost of this printer is very affordable because this printer can print at a speed of 48 ppm. You can also use this printer in these offices where printing requirement is heavy. Paper handling of this printer is also according to its heavy use. It has dual trays for the input of papers and these trays are adjustable.

The paper capacity of these trays is 520-sheets while a 50-sheet capacity multipurpose tray is also available. More trays can also add for increasing its paper capacity. Amazon Dash replacement is also supported by this printer which is a special feature of Amazon in which the printer automatically orders a cartridge when its currently used cartridge is going to end.

Its genuine toner cartridge is super high-yield and can be used for up to 12000-page printouts. Security features are also built-in which can secure devices, documents, and networks which are called triple-layer security.

  • The best option for a busy office with 48 ppm

  • The Paper tray is dual adjustable with 520-sheet

  • Additional trays can add for up to 1610-sheet

  • WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB connectivity

  • Extra security features up to triple layers

  • Text quality is normal

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7. HP M402N

HP M402N review Best Printers for Teachers

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M402N is a beautiful and eye-catching printer of HP which has a fine body finish and color. The form factor of this machine is print only and cannot be used for some other purpose like scanning and copying. The output type of this printer is monochrome but not color.

The printing technology in this printer is a laser which is fast enough to fulfill your printing need in less time. For the configuration of this printer, a display screen is given which can use with a given keypad. The performance of this printer is also very fast because it can print 40 pages in a minute.

This printer is the best choice for small businesses because can print 4000 pages monthly. Paper handling of this printer is done through its given tray which can hold 350 paper sheets at a time. A variety of papers in different sizes can easily handle by this printer.

Ethernet connectivity and Alexa support is the part of this printer while this printer is also Amazon Dash replacement ready. For the protection of printing data, security features are also provided in this printer by HP.

  • Best medium level business printer

  • Maximum paper sizes are supported

  • Toner cartridge with HP JetIntelligence

  • Paper input capacity up to 350-sheets

  • Printer with security features

  • Price is relatively higher

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8. Xerox B210DNI

Xerox B210DNI review Best Printers for Teachers

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Xerox is a very famous company for the manufacturing of high-quality and high-performance printing machines. Some ink types are copyrighted by Xerox and are only used in the printers of Xerox. B210DNI is also a high-performance printer and the price of this print is mind-blowing as compared to its features and performance.

This printer of Xerox is very lightweight and has a compact design for adjustment in all spaces. When this printer printing, it does not produce much noise which is termed the best printer for quiet printing.

The printing speed of this printer is up to 31 pages in a minute and its monthly printed volume can be up to 4000 pages. This printer can also print on both sides of a paper automatically. The Paper input tray of t this printer can hold 250 sheets while a manual feed slot is also available although it has the lowermost capacity.

Due to its wireless connectivity; it can accept print commands from almost all types of wireless devices and can print these pages. Sensitive data is efficiently protected while printing on this print by using HTTPS, IPSec, and Mac address Filtering. Toner saver mode of this printer reduces the cost of per page printing.

  • Lightweight, compact and quiet printer

  • Paper tray with 250 sheet capacity

  • A slot for manual feeding of paper

  • A printer can print on a variety of media types

  • 31ppm speed for letter-size papers

  • WiFi direct is not present

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9. Lexmark B3442DW

Lexmark B3442DW review Best Printers for Teachers

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Here is another monochrome laser printer which is manufactured by Lexmark Company and its model is B3442DW. This printer can give output in gray or black-white only. The size of this printer is small as compared to other laser printers. Due to this feature, this printer is become easily fits in all short spaces.

The durability of this printer is also extended due to its steel frame which is best for long-life imaging. The printing speed of this printer is faster and can be up to 40 pages per minute.

Toner of this printer is extra high yield and can print up to 6000 pages. The input tray of this printer can hold 550 pages for non-stop printing. The multipurpose slot of this printer can hold 100 paper sheets for printing. This printer is also capable of printing both sides of the paper.

The print quality of this printer is also higher and the default level of its resolution is 600×600 and can be higher up to 2400. Full security features and USB, Ethernet, and WiFi connectivity are part of this printer.

  • Small and compact size fit for every place

  • Long-life and durable with steel frame

  • Dual-side page printing is enabled

  • Faster printing of 40 pages per minute output

  • Multi-core processor and 256MB RAM

  • No WiFi-direct or NFC connectivity

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10. Canon ImageClass LBP6030W

Canon ImageClass LBP6030W review Best Printers for Teachers

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Here you come across a new style and a stylishly shaped printer which is manufactured by Canon and belongs to its ImageClass series while its model is LBP6030W. The print output type of this printer is monochrome. On the other hand, the form factor of this printer is a print-only machine and its printing technology is a laser.

With round edges, the body design of this printer is very attractive and different from routine. A very important feature of this printer is its price which is even less than $100. A laser printer at such a low cost is not less than a blessing for a teacher or an educational institution.

LBP6030W printer has a compact body design which is also space-saving and you can easily place this printer anywhere in the class. As compared to its price and printing technology, the performance of this printer is also good by having a 19ppm print speed.

The Paper holding capacity of its input tray is 150 pages while the yield of its toner is higher up to 1600 pages. Its monthly print capacity is 5000 pages and its total print memory is 32 MB for the holding of printing data and queues.  WiFi connectivity is also part of this printer.

  • Round edge compact design printer

  • An ideal printer for home or small office

  • Extremely lower and affordable in price

  • Single toner yield is up to 1600 pages

  • Wireless printing from a variety of devices

  • Ethernet connection is not available

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Best Printers For Teachers And Classroom [BUYING GUIDE]

Decision-making is considered as time taking process which definitely is but only at that time when you don’t have complete information about that product that you needed. On the other hand, if you have all the required information about the product which you need then you can decide about any product in a very short time. The purpose of this buying guide is to update you about different printers along with their different technical features so that you can select the best printer for you according to your purpose.

Printing Techniques

Different printing technologies are being used for the different types of printing on different materials which are even customized in their sizes. Mainly, techniques of printing are two and are known contact printing techniques and non-contact printing techniques. Our focus is on two main techniques of non-contact printing which are Inkjet and LDW (Laser Direct Writing).

The main consideration for the selection among these two is the number of printouts required in a single time as well as over the days. If your need high-quality printouts without considering the speed of printing then you can go for an inkjet printer and if you need a large number of printouts at a high speed then some laser printer is best for you to fulfill your printing needs.

Color or monochrome Printout

The second main thing which is required to consider for the selection of the most suitable printer is a color printer or black-white printer. If you are required to print pictures, colorful graphs, and other stuff like this then your requirement is a color printer and your final destination is an inkjet printer that can print color images in high quality on different papers including photo paper and glossy papers. Although, laser printers are also can print in colors their color quality is inferior to inkjet printers and these laser printers can mostly print only on plain papers and a variety of papers cannot be used.

Double-side printing of a page

For the class printing point-of-view, you must consider a printer that can print on both sides of a paper automatically with single print command instead of manual changing. Because, most printing material related to classwork consists of different notes, handouts, and other material like this which is required to get printed on both sides of a page. So, to avoid the hectic working of page side change and multiple print commands, again and again, you need that printer that can print both sides of a page with a single print command.

Print speed

The printing speed of a printer is measured as PPM (Pages Per Minute) or in the case of image printing, this can be measured as IMP (Images Per Minute). For personal and home use, required for the printing of notes, handouts, and other material of such type, a moderate speed printer is enough which can be an inkjet printer because these printers are with moderate PPM and can also print images with good speed. While for the working in class, a laser printer can be preferred because their printing speed is better than inkjet printers and large printing of whole class can easily accommodate.

Other associated quality features

Along with all these features which are discussed above, some additional features of a printer can also consider for increased capabilities of a printer which can be used either in a classroom or at a teacher’s home. These features include a multi-function form factor which includes scanning, copying, and also Fax. ADF is also an additional feature of a printer that makes the scanning speedy and comfortable. Along with all these, wireless connectivity is also beneficial for a classroom printing environment so that students can easily print their assignments directly from their laptops or mobile phones.

After reading this buying guide, you become able to select the best printer for your particular need after seeing its given features. So let’s start reviewing the top 10 best printers for use in a teacher and classroom environment.


How I can connect with a wireless printer without a WiFi router?

Every printer cannot get connected to a WiFi network and cannot be used for wireless printing. If you require such a printer that can be used for wireless printing then must check all the details of the product. A printer has an internal WiFi adapter it can connect with a WiFi router and can be used for wireless printing. If a WiFi router is not present and you still want to send a print to that printer through wireless, then the printer must have a WiFi-Direct feature which creates the printer’s hotspot for the direct connectivity of mobile phones and other wireless devices with the printer and can be used for wireless printing.

As a teacher, how do I choose my printer?

No dought, in comparison laser printers, are a step ahead of inkjet printers because their printing speed and quality of the print are higher than inkjet printers. Not only the performance and quality of these printers are greater their per-page printing cost is also very economical than inkjet prints because instead of ink toner powder is consumed less in printing. Color laser printers are also available for the printing of colorful images. In some cases, purchasing cost of a laser printer is higher but its overall expense has become very lower.

On the other hand, if you need to print rich color high-resolution images for class demonstration then you can go for an inkjet printer because these printers can print high-density color images efficiently.

What is solid ink or wax printer?

Solid ink is a wax that is used in the replacement of normal ink for printing in some printers. A solid stick or cubic form wax is placed in the solid ink printer and when this printer is going to starts printing, heat is applied to that solid ink up to the level of its melting point. When this solid wax is get melted then it is transferred to the paper for the production of the printed image. This solid ink is not commonly used in routine printers but in the printers of Xerox Company and this method of printing is also copyrighted for Xerox.

What is paper dust?

Paper is an important part of a printing system. Papers are of different types and qualities and each has its effects on the quality of the printout. A good quality printer ranges from 80 gsm to 120 gsm (Grams per Square Meter), which is very brighter and perfectly white. When a color or black data or image is get printed on this quality paper it also increases the quality of the printout. Low-quality papers not only such ink which is a reason for wastage of ink but it also produces dust which is the solid tiny particles escaped from the rough surface of low-quality paper.

This paper dust also produces a bad effect on the health of the printer and creates jams in different parts of this printer. Due to which printer service is required after every short time. In the real sense, usage of low-quality, low-price paper cost heavily in the long run.

What is meant by Amazon Dash-enabled printers?

Every person is very busy in their routine life because of the heavy workload. Different features are introduced by different vendors to facilitate their customers. The same is done by Amazon by introducing a special feature for printers which is named Dash. This feature is not enabled by default on all printers but is required to get enabled when you purchased a printer from Amazon otherwise it is by default disabled.

When the toner or ink of dash enabled printer is getting consumed and becomes very low it automatically orders Amazon for a new cartridge for the replacement of getting an empty cartridge. In this way before getting fully ended, a new cartridge is received to the customer for non-stop printing.

What is NFC touch to print feature?

In printing technology, a specific printing term is used which is called a Touch-To-Print in which a mobile device is get touched by a specific part of the printer and can print any document or any other material. This is also a wireless printing feature and is possible only if that printer has NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. Every printer does not have an NFC feature. Which printer has NFC a special tag is placed on the body of that printer and mobile is also getting placed on that tag after which the printer prints your required data. It is also a very useful feature for wireless printing.


All the printers which are discussed above are of different types having different features and performance. According to all these, their price tags are also different from as low as $99. In this way, you have different choices for the buying of the best printer which is according to your professional needs and is also in the range of your budget. In the light of buying guide and different general type questions which arises in the mind of a buyer, you can reach that device that is exactly according to your work requirements. Your feedback in the form of comments is highly appreciated.

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