Difference Between Mounted and Canvas Print? 2023

What is the difference between mounted and canvas print? Mounted printing and canvas printing are the two most famous methods of printing photographs.  There is always a debate between photographers and creative designers that which printing technique is better. But both printing methods are useful in their own ways. In some cases, canvas printing works better while in some cases mounted printing will be a good choice.

If you are a photographer and want to show your photographic skills and art to people or if you want to decorate and beautify your room with cool individual photos, then knowing some of the printing strategies is very essential. These strategies will help you to make your photographs more beautiful and augment their effect. A digital designer also wants to put his work on display and sell it as well.

Difference between Mounted and Canvas print

Today we will discuss the difference between mounted print and canvas print. The basic thing to notice in these two is that in mounted print the photo is first printed on a sheet and then connected to aboard. While in canvas printing, the image is legitimately printed from the printer.

Mounted printing:

Your amazing photos can be displayed in a great way in your home or any organization for people to see. But there are many things to care about when mounting these pictures. It is very necessary to protect your photos from the atmosphere and the wall also where the pictures will hang on. For that, you have to use the right mounting techniques.

Photos printed on the paper can twist or buckle. The mounting techniques help in protecting your photographs from clasping or warping because it gives a strong solid basis to them. While matting or framing, the mounted photographs can be handled easily with less danger of print damage. The mounting technique also allows you to choose various frame sizes.

For framing your photographs for wall display, you always have a limited choice while selecting frame dimensions. But there is no limit to mounted printing. You can frame your pictures in larger dimensions by just cutting the mounted board. There are various mounting techniques like dry mounting, conservation mounting, pressure-sensitive mounting, and wet mounting.

One of the important things is how much space you have, where the mounted photos will be displayed or placed. If you want to decorate or add some life to your bedroom or living room, then mounted prints are the best. Cost is the key factor you should keep in mind whenever printing something. But don’t worry, this printing method is cost-efficient. 

Canvas Printing:

Canvas printing is the best option when you want to create or add a “paint” effect to your photographs. The gallery wrap edges are used to enhance various theme styles. As compared to a paper print, the canvas print is more affordable and durable making it the better option for you. The canvas material was previously made from hemp but nowadays this material is made from polyester or cotton. Polyester texture lets the colors wet and immersed onto the surface while the cotton absorbs the color.

Furthermore, It is essential to think about canvas finish options when shopping for canvas. Check whether it is a protective sealer, matte or glossy. Do cotton and wood materials are sustainable? Will they hang on the wall or need to be fixed? Images printed through canvas printing are permanent. Canvas adds depth to photos that do not have any glare or reflection by providing a distinct texture. These prints are light in weight and come in matte or a glossy finish. As there are no framing borders in canvas print, so you can add all types of styles without any hassle.

Likewise, it gives a much more adaptable way to deal with wall decoder style and lights up any room they are hung on.

Mounted vs. Canvas Print:

1- Material:

Mounted prints use white plain paper while canvas printing is done on canvas paper. So it is upon you how you portray your art. Both of these are different in finishes from each other. If you don’t choose the right material for your printings, then it might be disastrous.

2- Purpose:

Canvas prints are mostly used to give an artistic feel to the photos. You can also use them for decors. While the mounted prints are mainly used for creating portfolios or making presentations.

3- Glare:

Printing on paper adds extra sparkle and charm to the prints to give a more glossy and glowy look. While the Canvas prints don’t have that glare and are more realistic. If you like glare and shine in the prints, then you must use mounted print.

4- Strength:

Canvas printing lasts more than mounted prints because the cotton canvas is strong and stays for long no matter what the situation is. You can also make mounted prints to last longer by using acidic free papers, board, or sticky material but it is difficult to do that. Therefore, Canvas print is the best to choose for strength and durability.

5- Cost:

The canvas print is less expensive than the mounted print. If you buy acid-free and some great material for mounted prints, then it can turn out to be expensive.

Similarly, canvas prints are not that much expensive. It keeps a balance between quality and price. As compared to high-quality mounted prints, Canvas prints are less expensive. 

6- Fidelity:

This factor depends upon your choice. If you like quality and detailed photographs, the mounted print is the best choice. While canvas print produces a painted effect. That effect is not liked by everyone. So, it depends on your work and how you use these techniques.


In this article, we have discussed the difference between mounted and canvas printing techniques. Both mounted and canvas printings are used to display your photographs and paintings on display. Both procedures have different prices, quality, and also different vibes and finishes. Choosing one of them depends upon you and your artwork’s requirements. You can make beautiful and stunning DIY with these methods. Print astonishing and innovative photos by using any of these methods and sell them to earn a better profit. 

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