My Printer Won’t Print Black (What to DO?) 2023

If the printer won’t print black, it is a big problem. My Printer Won’t Print Black (What to DO?) Some individuals instantly begin looking for phone numbers for nearby printer servicing centers on the Internet. If you call them, you could have to pay money to fix a printer, a printer cartridge, or other minor problems.

Usually, this is a minor issue that will fix with the understanding of the printer. So, before you call, let’s look at why my printer won’t print black.

Where does the printer ink come from?

Today, we will show you how to fix a printer that won’t print black ink and to avoid this problem from happening again.

My Printer Won’t Print Black (What to DO?)

There are many reasons why your printer is not printing in black. The following are some of the factors of printer printing blank pages:

Cartridge Not Connected:

Even though your cartridge is fully charged and ready to use, it might have been dislodged and no longer be in electrical contact with the printer. Removing and reinstalling the cartridges is a simple approach to resolve this potential issue. It might complete the electrical circuit, ensuring that everything works and prints usually.

Cartridges do not have ink:

You won’t be able to print any black and white documents if your printer’s black ink cartridge is empty.

It becomes a lot worse for printer owners who have four or more ink cartridges inside. To print black and white documents a printer that utilizes four separate cartridges, such as black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, will need sufficient ink in all four cartridges.

How to get more ink out of a printer cartridge?

That indicates you should have enough ink in all four ink slots to avoid or solve the problem of your printer not printing in black.

Nozzles clogged:

This issue is more likely to impact those who use their printer rarely, as dried ink can clog nozzles. Select the ‘Print Head Nozzle Check’ option if your printer has one, and let the machine clean the nozzles. It should clear any clogs and allow the ink to flow freely once again.

Issues with Printhead:

Your printer will not work correctly if the printhead is broken or dirty. You may fix or clean it in one of two ways: automatically using your printer screen or manually removing the printhead from your printer and cleaning it on your own. Because not all printers have replaceable printheads, you’ll have to do it manually.

The paper size is incorrect:

If you modified the in-program paper size setting by mistake (or on purpose for an earlier print job) without reverting to your chosen paper size, the printer becomes confused. Make sure the right paper size is selected in Print Preview or the print settings.

Corrupt Printer Driver:

The printer driver you installed on your computer may be corrupted, preventing your printer from printing specific colors. Your printer driver should be up to date and working so that your computer can deliver the correct data to your printer. If this bridge is broken, you may have printing issues such as the printer being offline, unable to print in color, or black ink.

How to Fix Printer won’t Print Black Issue?

Check the ink level:

Although the ink levels shown may not be 100% true to the actual ink levels in your ink cartridges, they nevertheless give you a decent idea of how much ink you have.

Can Printer Ink Dry Out Over Time?

It should be fine if it’s more than a quarter full.

If your ink cartridge is less than a quarter full, you should replace it to see if it can help you solve your printer problem.

Check the Ink Cartridges:

  • Ink cartridges that are low or empty on the ink should be replaced.
  • Ensure that the ink cartridges are in place.
  • After you have double-checked that the new cartridge is inserted, remove the tape from the vent.
  • Make sure the cartridge vents are locked. You may solve this by cleaning the blockage on the vent with a pin.
  • Try using a different ink cartridge to see whether your printer is capable of detecting cartridges. Whether your printer previously operated with an earlier cartridge, try installing it again and check if it produces any output.

Make sure your printhead is clean:

Using the choices on your printer’s screen, you may clean the printhead.

  • To start, click the gear button or the Settings icon.
  • It will then show you a list of options; find the words “Tools” or “Printer Maintenance” and select the first one you see.
  • It will now present you with a new set of options, from which you must choose “Clean Printhead.”
  • Run the automated printhead cleaning function a second or third time if it does not operate after the first time. The number of times you may use the automated cleaning option is limited.
  • Re-align the printer if necessary. If your HP printer not printing properly, this option is available on the LCD panel of HP printers.

Printer Driver Removal and Installation:

  • The first step is to open the “Devices and Printers” window on your computer.
  • You may perform this by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and the letter “R” on your keyboard. You may also type the word “Run” into the windows icon on your taskbar.
  • Type “control printers” into the Run app box, then click the “OK” button.
  • It’ll open the “Devices and Printers” window. Look for the symbol and name of your printer. Choose “Printer Preferences” from the menu when you right-click it.
  • This will display your printer’s settings as well as a tab for printer maintenance. 
  • Check to see if your printer driver isn’t corrupted; it should give you the option to print in black and white or in color.
  • If you don’t see that option, your driver may be corrupted.
  • Exit the window and go back to the Devices and Printers window and right-click your printer icon. Select “Remove device” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the words control panel towards the top of the window to get to your Control Panel home page. 
  • Under Programs and Features, look for “Uninstall a program.” After that, look for the name of your printer driver and uninstall it from your computer.


From this article, you have learned why printers won’t print back and how to fix them. The above solutions are most likely to make printers print black ink. 

If the above options do not fix the printing issue, the printer may need to be repaired. Users can return printers to the manufacturer for repairs if they are still under warranty. Check your printer’s warranty term to see whether you may return it.


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