What does the Printer Spooling Mean? 2023

We all have used printers and are still using them because they are very important in today’s world. Some messages can be frustrating for us because we don’t know what they are about. You’ll experience the spooling message appearing at times when you are not using your printer. In this topic, we are going to discuss in detail printer spooling and its importance.

What is Spooling?

Spooling is a software program that manages all printing tasks that are sent currently to a computer printer or a print server. Basically spooling is a buffering component where the data and information are temporarily saved to be used and executed by any application, device, or program. SPOOL is abbreviated as simultaneous peripheral operations on-line. Spooling is like a queue where documents are held back for processing one by one. You can also refer to Spooling as batch processing.

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A spooler is an application that handles the printing which the computer sends to a printer. A printer comes with very small memory, even less than the document size. Printer spooling has the ability to handle multiple or large documents without slowing down the speed and performance of your PC. Allows the users to see a current position in the queue, time, size, status, and the ability to erase and suspend them.


Spooling works with FIFO format which means first in first out. It can be maintained on the memory of PC and peripheral devices as well. Peripheral devices other than printers like keyboards, etc can also use a spooling mechanism.


Spooling is an important mechanism for maintaining printing processes. Connecting various computers to a printer makes it more important. Due to spooling, networking is made less problematic by tracking the devices connected to ports and regulates printing tasks of connected PCs.

1- No need of holding app:

If multiple PCs are connected to a single printer, then printing takes time. The printing data is stored in spooling, so the application is not engaged. As a result, the system is free and you can do your work on other applications after commanding the printer.

2- Enhances Efficiency: 

As the information and data are organized properly so there are very fewer chances of a PC clogging. This makes the printer more efficient.

3- Time-saving:

The printer must finish the printing of the existing page before you jump to the next page. But spooling saves our time as we don’t have to wait for printing. We just have to provide the data and the printer will print it.

4- Schedule Printing:

As spooling manages and maintains the printing data, it also schedules and lines up the data for the printer. Ultimately making the printer’s work easy.

5- Pausing or editing documents: 

When the printing data is scheduled, you can cancel and edit the document if you don’t want to print anymore. You can change the order of the document as well as the place by placing the document higher or lower in the list.

Reasons for Slow Spooling:  

There are some reasons that cause slow spooling. Understanding the exact cause can help you fix the problem.

1- Auto software Spooling:

Some applications come with their own spooling system. Especially those programs which create larger printing jobs. Using such applications can slow your printer. Before using such type of applications, check them properly. In this case, turning off the spooling system can make your printer work faster.

2- Low spooling Storage:

If the spooling PC is low on storage, it might make the spooling process slow. Also, this issue occurs if the document is large. So in this case, Printing directly will work faster than spooling.

When to Turn off the spooling:

In the printing process, Spooling is very important and helpful. But there are some occasions when you have to prefer printing without spooling. 

1- Printing a Large Document:

Printing a large size document can cause a delay. You should print directly for fast printing.

2- Want to print in a hurry:

If you have no time and want to print in a hurry, then turn off the spooling and print directly without any complications. As we know that connecting multiple computers can make printing slow because spooling takes time in a network. Also if the other PC spooling finishes before, then it will be printed first.

3- Using a non-standard paper:

Direct printing can be time-saving if using special paper that is not loaded in the printer. Some printers come with automatic putting of special papers on hold so that the other documents are not being delayed if the printer has stopped reloading.

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Go to Printer’s property page and click the advanced tab. This will allow you to change the printer setting. You can also turn off the spooling and adjust settings according to your need.

Restarting the Spooler service:

If you are having difficulty in sending printing tasks to your printer, the problem may be in the spooling service. It may be not running properly or is hung. You can restart it in the following steps.

  • Go to Windows Task Manager and click the service tab.
  • Tap on the description column and sort the list of services.
  • Now find the Print spooler service. The service is named Spooler.
  • Right-click on the spooler service and choose Restart from the pop-up menu.
  • Now send a picture or a document to a printer to check whether it is working or not.


We have discussed the printer spooling in detail in this article. If you are a new printer user, then some messages can be annoying for you. Printer spooling is one of them. We have talked about the importance, working, and some other important points about spooling.

Workarounds for slow network printing

Printer spooling is the name of batch processing. You can keep the document spooled for using it in the future. Spooling allows you to send large files or a series of documents to a printer. It means that you don’t have to wait until the existing task is finished.

Most of the operating systems have pre-installed this feature. But if it is not included, you can install it manually.

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